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3 min readMar 11, 2021


enter the woo tongue {42 chambers} (3/14 ~ 3/27/2021)

on the grassroots poetry marketing challenge: “i am because we are”


contact info request from the #UbuntuPoetryPortal: 🌞


we ain’t done this before.

those who like tried and true, structurally sound, error free ventures may feel the need to peace out. i get it. this may not occur again but we should all take care of ourselves on this journey. with ALL DUE respect, deuces.

this is renegade territory.

goal: uplift beloved neglected poems for community shine, love & encouragement

  • i am because we are (ubuntu) // i&i // the personal IS political
  • share and celebrate and blossom our artistry without relying on the industry
  • breaks from capitalist determinations of what is seen and promoted as art
  • “self publishes” what the industry wouldn’t publish anyway and allows it breath
  • builds our public identity as artists & expands potential community support
  • feeds our inner sun, seasons our courage & deepens our comfort as public artists

objective: an artisanal poetry marketing campaign

  • this isn’t about generating new work — we have April for that; this is about loving the ones we’re with by independently & creatively boosting our existing unpublished or underpromoted work as our own “street teams”
  • especially an opportunity to showcase pieces which may have a hard time being considered for publication anyway
  • examples: brief poems, graphics laden ones, mixed media, controversial, niche, etc.
  • strategies skew toward self created, original, handmade, grassroots → not outsourced, copied, professionalized nor industry driven
  • folx encouraged to freely opt in/out/modify prompts as they choose (non-hierarchical)

participants: open to all with priority on low-resourced, conscious, emerging poets of color

  • centers these poets although other conscious poets/artists/creatives/playmates of color across gender identity and sexual orientation are welcomed to participate
  • all participants retain author rights to all works related to participation in this event

orbits: community neighborhoods and social media networks

  • personal shares within public zones to meet new eyes and gain new hearts
  • altho NOT the focus, could link to publications/websites/publicly available work
  • encouraging precautions against data theft, creative theft and censorship
  • respect for the lethal existence of a global plague is assumed and expected
  • 2 weeks for a variety of prompts, momentum and blooming public awareness
  • transits sun energy from end cycle Pisces to new cycle Aries (Neptune to Mars)
  • starts the day after the current shadow period for Mercury retrograde
  • leads to #GloPoWriMo/#NaPoWriMo (month of April) with a few days off between

we lookin’ for pioneers, experimenters, adventurers with fire-fueled spirit and oceanic courage. this may just be a blip. or it may be an opportunity to have community while we learn what works in putting our work out dere for ourselves and for the transformation of our communities. who wants to be a lead participant in their circles who is encouraging others to boost their own creative expression as well? well, we lookin’ for YOU.

help us all learn how to stop relying on permission ~ for our voice.

you down?!!! click the link below, join the challenge, share with your circles, and gather ye poems…tis our time. 🌞 let’s SHINE:





blkcowrie ❀

re*belle poet in bloom seeks the fertile to foment beauty 🦋 cultivate collective empathy 🦋 conjure anew who we/i&i are 🦋 <linktr.ee/blkcowrie>