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hackers edition: grassroots poetry promo prompts for your perusal 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🦋🌊

greetings, beloved blessed kin! ready to shine your heart? ready to be seen?


we are ready to hold your voice.

are you?

peep da hashtag to big up passengers who braved this ride on the strength of vision and voice. trust, whether or not we are in the same social loop, i am adding my breath to your wings. cheering us on, coaxing us to share our light, basking in the sweet scintillations. after all, as long as you are ~

i am.

sooo…how many dimensions of poet *you* will we all get to see???!

on blkcowrie 🌺’s 2021 grassroots poetry marketing challenge #UbuntuPoetryPortal :: enter the woo tongue {42 chambers} “i am because we are” (3/14–3/27/2021):

centers low-resourced, conscious, emerging poets of color * altho NOT the point, could link websites/publicly available work * respect for lethal existence of a global plague is assumed & expected * caution against data theft, copyright infringement & censorship * all participants retain author rights to works related to this event * opt in/opt out/modify prompts as you choose

(read more here: MEDIUM article featuring the #UbuntuPoetryPortal)

be your own street team * blossom artistry without relying on the industry * boost existing unpublished and under-promoted work * break from capitalism determining what is seen and heard as art * self publish what the industry won’t anyway and allow yourself breath * share personally within public zones to meet new eyes and gain new hearts

💐💐 utter gratitude, appreciation and respect to challenge boosters Ida B. Zora of TWIN and Mel McCuin of An Everlasting Roof! so much gratitude for their valuable & valued logistical support and heartfelt enthusiasm!

💐💐 additional appreciation goes to Lauren Sapala, author of Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers, for providing FREE digital copies of her book to the intrepid portal passengers who actively participated in this challenge from 3/14 to 3/27/2021.

i am because we are

the notion that runs in the blood of us Africans

whether conscious or unconscious blood is thicker than water

its an ideal left to us by our ancestors

an expensive inheritance

an ideal greater than water itself

humanity towards one another, Agape!

a bond sharing that connects all humanity

feelings of compassion and tolerance

its the perception of oneness

driven forward by feelings of unity

a philosophy of sweet love

deeper than the oceans because

i am because we are

to forgive when wronged

to believe in everyone’s abilities and success

tolerance brings love and hope because

we are because I am

to eat from the same plate

to drink beer in the same cup

to love your foes, to give your last cent to the pauper

because I am because we are

its an indigenous philosophy

~ fidelpoet, “the ubuntu philosophy”

seed bags for passengers of #UbuntuPoetryPortal:

“Black Woman” poem performed by Crystal Shaw: https://youtu.be/0EstRbN6jTo
















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